An impressive turnout of major retailers and editors underscored the fact that Marios Schwab is a talent worth following. With Lisa Gerrard’s spine-tingling vocals on the soundtrack, this tribal-themed show opened on a strong note with a filmy burgundy dress. It was fronted with a slither of leather strips, the bodice framed in jutting black raffia.

Terrific black cotton minidresses followed — modernist takes on the classic Saharienne, the sleeves and bodices lashed tightly. Short perfecto jackets in black raffia and fringed suede were also standout pieces.

While loincloths of pleated leather lapping over sheer dresses heightened the Amazonian mood, the spell was broken with garish colors and too much disco decoration, including cages of crystals and cobalt fringe. If Schwab finds a way to tame his surfeit of ideas, he could find himself a more important player in the fashion jungle.

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