As Neil Young’s “My My, Hey Hey” echoed and Phillip Lim’s models wove their way through a cavernous midtown warehouse, the word that came to mind was “grunge.” Not the ratty, greasy-haired type, but rather someone who loves mixing slim and slouchy and layers with abandon. Lim’s rebellious girl assembles her look with artful carelessness, flashes her panties through a sheer dress and has no trouble mixing plaids with florals. In his show notes, the designer explained that he manipulated and reassembled many of his pieces in a manner similar to the literary “cut-up” technique used by Beat writers and Nineties-era lyricists. And so a lush nubuck biker jacket appeared pieced together, jeans were shredded and dresses sported mixed floral patchworks. This was a strong collection with tons of personality.

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