Welcome to Thom Browne’s fun house, where mimes wearing silver domes atop their heads and models in what Browne calls “random, crazy clothing” are just another day. This season the designer was entranced with Oskar Schlemmer’s avant-garde Bauhaus ballet, bringing it to life with exaggerated and distorted shapes. A blue plaid pantsuit was imprisoned in a fabric cage, a jacket was padded to resemble a hunchback and a skirt’s fishtail hem was done in an exaggerated bell shape. It was easy to get lost in the fantasy of it all, but there were some great clothes within: sculpted neoprene jackets with pretty jeweled clusters worn over midi skirts, for example, and the elegant lace-print coat with black edges. Who knows if the most outrageous looks will find their way to retail, but a little of the wit and whimsy shown here can go a long way.

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