The triple tenets — California, preppy and geek-squad coolness — of Scott Sternberg’s highly stylized vision for Band of Outsiders were well-represented for spring. This time the twist (can’t forget the twist) came from watching Robert Altman’s “The Long Goodbye,” and its female lead Nina van Pallandt, who Sternberg described as “a Malibu noir goddess.”

A successful mash-up of the bohemian and classic West Coast outdoorsy-ness resulted in lace-up ponchos and maxiskirts done in techy nylon, and two great ombré floral-printed trenches over long skirts. Sternberg also met his challenge to “find something new in preppyisms” with scarf prints reimagined as color-blocked knits and a nice fringe knit halter dress that looked like it was based on a baja look.

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