Yoshiyuki Miyamae explored the contrast of light and shadows in his spring Issey Miyake collection, with outfits that played with variations on the color spectrum.

He opened with a series of coats, jackets and skirts made of stiff leather punched with tiny holes meant to evoke the stars at night, going on to work masculine and feminine variations on monochrome looks.

A white boatneck blouse with three-quarter length sleeves was tucked into a perforated black leather wrap skirt, while a white button-up shirt with short mesh batwing sleeves was paired with black trousers in woven grid cotton.

While these outfits had a quiet graphic appeal, Miyamae hit a more summery note when he allowed for color. A cape-backed shirt and skirt were printed with color gradations that evoked light filtering through a prism, while sheer white cotton was layered over citrus-colored fabrics, dulling their hues to a faint glow.

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