Natasha Zinko’s charmingly quirky presentation took place in a rambling warren of rooms in an old-school Mayfair mansion. Models milled about the grand spaces, hanging out laundry, chatting over lunch in the kitchen and having an impromptu dance party on the roof terrace.

Zinko, who hails from the Ukraine, said she’d wanted the atmosphere to “re-create my childhood home,” to give the audience a glimpse into her world. “That’s how we were raised in the Soviet Union — if you create, you’ve got to share the art with everybody.”

The clothes, meanwhile, were an eclectic, lighthearted mix of fun, feminine and street-inspired. One tiered dress, edged in lace, came in a camouflage print, while a lace dress in ombré pinks and blues was paired with fluffy blue slippers and a leather jacket. There were evening pieces, too, but Zinko gave them an off-hand vibe, styling one neon yellow gown with flip-flops. Oversized parkas were also a theme, with one shrugged on over a tailored pink skirt and a silky bra.

Zinko also presented some of her fine jewelry; the standout was a delicate gold bird motif on chokers and earrings, inspired by a toy that her grandmother had crocheted for her son.

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