The sirens of the Thirties, Forties and Fifties served as muses for Daniela Bozza. Staying true to the black-and-white films of that era, the Chilean designer adhered to a monochromatic palette for her coquettish dresses.

“It’s very classic and elegant,” she explained via an interpreter after her show in Los Angeles. “Where there is light, there is also dark. I like the balance.”

Like her classic color combination, the silhouettes fell into standard issues like fit-and-flare frocks, pencil skirts and strapless numbers. Rosettes and Peter Pan collars provided a girlish touch.

In business for eight years, she modernized styles to appeal to a young customer with crop tops and sheer panels on the full skirts.

A couple of the flouncy tops in black were so short that they risked revealing a bit too much breast. On the other hand, that just might be tempting enough for a savvy starlet from the 21st century to want to wear one of Bozza’s dresses on the red carpet and make a splash on social media.

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