Andrea Pence found herself inspired by Los Angeles’ fair weather, Sixties surf culture and sportswear when designing Recreation’s spring collection. “How you can wear clothes in the day and night here, and they can be the same,” she said. “That’s the lifestyle here — you can be outdoors for a very long [time].”

To that end, models carried a roll-up putting green, golf clubs, vintage books, bubbles and lipstick into the presentation space and set themselves up to “play” while wearing the forgiving silhouettes cut from hemp linen and organic cotton.

Recreation’s patterns were swiped from its California surroundings (succulents, sunsets, the ocean), and looked somewhat like a cool vintage motel’s curtains, though the screen-printed swaths of orange and blue were all done by hand.

To the collection’s credit, each piece looked comfortable, and as Pence imagined, could be worn from beach to bar. Forties-evoking halter dresses added a nicely done feminine silhouette. Cutouts at the back and deep necklines in the front were flattering, whereas the overly loose silhouettes of other dresses were not. Pence explained that the pieces were meant to be “strong, resilient and comfortable,” all the better when hard at play.

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