For his seventh collection and second outing at Los Angeles Fashion Week, designer Edwin Hayes of Sav Noir aimed to merge his rock ‘n’ roll roots (he’s also a professional guitarist) with the glam-punk look. “It’s a band on tour. Imagine if they just did an amazing show and everyone was going to the after party,” he said. “Everyone would be wearing one of these pieces at night.”

He has since elevated the dual-gender collection, this season using black-on-black floral silk satin jacquard for ruffly shirts and pencil skirts, the latter paired with Swiss dot lace tops for a sweet-meets-sultry look. While there was still plenty of black denim in the collection, Hayes also went outside his comfort zone with a salmon pink and silver metallic spiderweb-embroidered fabric he used for moto jackets, cropped trousers and tuxedos.

“I call it the Starbender because it’s very Bowie-like. I usually just do black but I decided to add a little bit of pop. I wanted to bring the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties together, because that’s what represents me,” said Hayes, who launched Sav Noir as a streetwear line.

While elements of the production and the product could use some refinement (the former would require sponsorship dollars and the latter, more tailoring), Hayes has heart behind his independently owned line, which he showed on the rooftop of his downtown studio.

“Certain people can say, ‘OK I have $10 million,’ and put a collection together, but there’s no emotion or feeling inside it, they’re just trying to make money,” he said. “This is a business, but I’m not in it for the money; this is what makes me get up every day, to survive and create.”

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