Glamorous yet authentic, Bonnie Young delivered another highly wearable, polished collection that combined a discreet, sophisticated elegance with a sense of relaxed and practical comfort. Pools and rose gardens served as inspiration for the lineup, though the flowers ended up stealing the spotlight. Micro roses were printed on a fluid chiffon dress, which looked delicate and feminine yet graphic and sleek, while their macro version gave a joyful appeal to a clean-lined jumpsuit. Athletic references amplified the sense of dynamic sophistication. Drawstrings embellished ethereal silk frocks cut in loose silhouettes, a hoodie anorak was paired with a cotton lace sheath dress, while mesh was crafted into a floral parka with utilitarian pockets. Striped shirts added a mannish feel while sharp-cut pants and matching soft silk blouses in unconventional brown denim equaled quintessential urban chic.

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