Chris Gelinas’ inspiration for spring was quite poetic and romantic — the designer tried to re-create the feeling you have when you wake up after a nap on the grass. That sweet sense of estrangement and calmness was reflected in his lovely collection. The soft color palette of white, pistachio green and lavender with graphic touches of black and blue enhanced the lightness of fabrics and constructions. Organza was layered over viscose to create a shimmering effect on a pair of fluid pants with contrasting piping worn with a matching top, while a blue and white dress was hand-pleated to mimic the natural wrinkles of clothes when you fall asleep in them. Nature inspired the leaflike stitching motif on a polo shirt, and eyelet gave the impression of flowers popping up on the ruffles of a flared cotton skirt decorated with sequins and beads assembled to create the silhouettes of insects. Botanical patterns also appeared on the tapestry inserts of crispy terrycloth pieces, such as a sartorial double-breasted vest.

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