Stuart Vevers continued his celebration of American heritage — but this time, it came with an upgrade.

During his spring show at Basketball City, a departure from his former home on the West Side Highway, Vevers teamed with Stefan Beckman to create a glittery set filled with New York rooftops, mailboxes and an antique car that served as a fitting backdrop for a playful, vibrant collection.

Staple pieces such as prairie dresses, varsity jackets and leather jackets got glam treatment with sequins, satin and lace, colorblocking, metallic embroideries and burnished hardware.

“I used the creativity and optimism of New York as my starting point,” Vevers said backstage before the show.

He also drew inspiration from another New York legend, artist Keith Haring, whose “playfulness I remember growing up as a kid,” he added. “It’s very emotional for me, but his values and work also feel right for Coach.”

The designer plastered some of the artist’s best-known works on T-shirts, outerwear and bags.

Denim marked a new step for the brand. Vevers added retro patchwork designs that blended seamlessly with his celebration of Americana.

Coach’s archives also served Vevers well as he reinterpreted such classic pieces as the mailbox bag first created by Bonnie Cashin in 1972 and offered this time in a variety of colors and sizes.

For the Coach man, it was “all about attitude,” Vevers said, pointing to a cropped Western-influenced leather jacket paired with a matching pearl-snap cowboy shirt. Hawaiian shirts in darker colors seemed a fresher option. Vevers carved leather into fitted pants and sharp blazers while men’s jeans came as high-waisted bell-bottoms with exposed zippers, all in raw denim.

Vevers has something of a car fixation: Guests exiting the show had the option of hopping into taxis customized by Coach with Haring graphics.

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