You can always count on Nicky Zimmermann to deliver a beautiful, feminine lineup, and spring was no exception. “This time, I wanted it to be light and sunny, which to me, is very Australian,” she said backstage. Photographs of her parents’ honeymoon on Queensland’s Gold Coast and the energy of that time inspired the color palette and vibe of the collection. “There are amazing white sands and blue waters there, but it’s not about the beach; rather it’s more about the freshness of that time.” This all translated into vibrant floral prints on white backgrounds in everything from purple and aqua to citrus and pink combos — done in either super short or long flirtatious dresses with puff sleeves and her signature nips and details. Elsewhere, Zimmermann provided clean slate moments via white linen looks such as a button-down shirt and matching trousers and an engineered lace dresses with graphic appliqués. “We experimented with the appliqués and French knots — it’s all done by hand — it’s a bit bolder and heavier rather than delicate but still pretty,” she explained.

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