Lou Menais, Léa Sebban and Jerry Journo’s summery French-American collection was as sweet, refreshing and ready for consumption as a cold bottle of Coca-Cola. Not coincidentally either — the designers collaborated with Coke on a 15-piece capsule collection of mostly red and white pieces, such as a pair of red denim overalls with a heart on the bib, and a laid-back sporty red sweater and track shorts tipped in white with the Coca-Cola logo on them. The collection was titled “Secondary Residence” and seemed to imagine what one would wear while relaxing in one’s country house. In line with the Coke collaboration’s casual vibe was a cute cropped T-shirt, tied in the back with a denim miniskirt spliced with loudly printed ruffles. A crisp white dress with red-tipped ruffled sleeves worn unbuttoned over a pair of white undies printed with the word “Jeudi” in red Coca-Cola font was precious and sassy, as were the festive multicolored sequined pieces — a tiny slipdress, a pair of briefs worn with a pink T-shirt — that closed the show.

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