Yeon Park drew on her trademark pastels to build an airy spring collection of skirts, jackets and dresses, featuring asymmetrical pleats and folds.

After choosing Marrakech for her very first trip to Africa a few months ago, the South Korean-born, Parsons-trained designer returned from the voyage with a new color: rusty orange. It was there when she arrived, along with another inspiration, linen, in the traditional Moroccan riad-style courtyard house she had discovered by poking around on the Internet.

“I fell in love with the colors, even before exploring,” said Park, describing how she was drawn to the sun-baked clay walls and the tall, white, linen curtains draping over them. She used linen in the collection, but gave it a viscose blend to make a skirt that wouldn’t crease so much and add a little flow. Wide drawstrings were another feature, transforming an ivory suit jacket into something different, less formal yet more elegant. Another skirt came in that clay-inspired orange, snug at the hips before giving way to a succession of pleats but at an angle. Park also worked with silk, mixing silk organza, silk mesh and silk ribbon on one airy dress. Just the thing to wear in her next destination: Greece.

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