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People carry shopping bags outside a shopping mall in New York, New York, USA, 20 December 2017.Holiday shopping in New York, USA - 20 Dec 2017


U.S. Shoppers’ Credit Card Debt Now Exceeds Recession-Era Levels

Americans’ credit card debt has outstripped a post-recession record by billions of dollars.

clock March 8, 2018Kali Hays

Shoppers at Aventura shopping mall in Miami.


Retailers See October Sales Boost as Prices Rise

Even with slightly higher prices, specialty, department and online stores saw sales improve as they head into holiday.

clock November 15, 2017Kali Hays

gross margins apparel retailers


Retail Sales Slip, But Department Stores See Boost

Department stores got a slight reprieve from months of sales declines.

clock July 14, 2017Kali Hays

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Retail Sales Fall in May, but Apparel Sees a Boost

It’s the second month sales in apparel have grown.

clock June 14, 2017Kali Hays

gross margins apparel retailers


Retail Sales Inch Up in April

A slight boost in sales last month still wasn’t enough to offset a slow start to the year.

clock May 12, 2017Kali Hays

gross margins apparel retailers


Retail Sales Keep Falling in March, Cementing Slow First Quarter

New government data showed retail sales fell farther in March, even as prices dropped.

clock April 14, 2017Kali Hays



Retail Sales Rise in February, but Not for Apparel

New government data showed a slight rise in retail sales overall for February, but specialty and department stores saw sales slip.

clock March 15, 2017Kali Hays


‘Micropolitan’ Areas Offer Retail Growth Potential

Batavia serves as the heart of a U.S. Census Bureau designation that covers Genesee County and is known as a “Micropolitan Statistical Area.”

clock March 16, 2015Arthur Zaczkiewicz



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