Maharishi Men's Fall 2017

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Maharishi Men’s Spring 2017

It was a considered and wearable spring 2017 collection, putting forth a broad offering that referenced African and military inspirations.

clock January 8, 2017Julia Neel

Maharishi Men's Fall 2016

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Maharishi Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Maharishi creative director and founder Hardy Blechman looked to a bevy of influences including religious clothing, military platoons and gang subcultures for fall.

clock January 10, 2016Lorelei Marfil

Maharishi, Men's, RTW, Spring, 2016

Fashion Show Reviews

Maharishi Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Hardy Blechman combined references to the vestments and robes worn by religious devotees with elements of contemporary military uniforms in a collection that was, despite its far-reaching ideas, mostly wearable and cool.

clock June 14, 2015Julia Neel



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