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Kim Kardashian, Marcus Piggott and Mert AlasMert and Marcus book launch, Spring Summer 2018, New York Fashion Week, USA - 07 Sep 2017

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Think Tank: The Dirty Secret of Duplicate Fans

Gil Eyal, founder and chief executive officer of HYPR Brands, explains why a large following doesn’t translate to meaningful engagement.

clock September 22, 2017Gil Eyal

Amazon Wardrobe

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Think Tank: Four Lessons the Off-Price World Can Learn From Amazon

Ronen Lazar, chief executive officer and cofounder of Inturn, serves up tactics for staying competitive.

clock September 7, 2017Ronen Lazar

Bebe is closing all stores, but will remain an online business.

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Think Tank: Adapting to the New Retail Reality

Matthew Mason and Lauren Leach of Conway MacKenzie share insights into how retailers can adapt to the industry’s extensive transformation.

clock September 5, 2017Matthew Mason and Lauren Leach


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Think Tank: Brand Growth and Protection in the Digital Age

Matthew Bassiur, head of global IP enforcement for Alibaba Group, shares insights into protecting a brand’s IP.

clock September 5, 2017Matthew Bassiur


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Think Tank: Restricting Immigration Has Consequences for American Fashion

Kenya N. Wiley is founder and chief executive officer of the Fashion Innovation Alliance.

clock August 31, 2017Kenya N. Wiley

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Think Tank: Unmasking the Next Generation of Luxury Consumer

Malinda Sanna, founder and chief executive officer of Spark Ideas, shares insights about Millennials who shop for high-end products.

clock August 28, 2017Malinda Sanna


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Think Tank: Litigation Trends Brands Need to Know Now to Mitigate Risk

Giuliano Iannaccone and Gina Piazza, from Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP, share their insights on current legal cases.

clock August 23, 2017Giuliano Iannaccone and Gina Piazza


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Think Tank: Making Luxury Great Again

Keren Eldad, executive coach and founder of “With Enthusiasm” has several suggestions.

clock August 16, 2017Keren Eldad

Shoppers on King Street, Charleston South Carolina.


Think Tank: The New Era of Retail Experiences

Jordan Kretchmer, general manager of Adobe Livefyre and Adobe Social, weighs in.

clock August 15, 2017Jordan Kretchmer

Chinese shoppers walk past a Cartier display in Beijing.

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Think Tank: Building Trust and Loyalty With Localization

Juliana Pereira, senior director of marketing at Smartling, shares insights about improving customer engagement.

clock August 9, 2017Juliana Pereira

Social media ad spending continues to grow.

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Think Tank: The Power of Social Audiences on Fashion and Beauty Brands

Forget the board. For many fashion and beauty brands, social media audiences are dictating the way they do business — from product development to campaign execution.

clock August 4, 2017Aimee Leabon

Consumers shopping at a mall.

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Think Tank: Boosting In-Store Traffic With Local Search Tactics

Alex Porter, president of Location3, explains how local search can drive shoppers into stores.

clock August 3, 2017Alex Porter

Many beauty consumers trust recommendations from influencers on what to buy.


Think Tank: As Social Spend Soars, Brands Need Buttoned-up Influencer Agreements

Influencers need to “clearly and conspicuously” disclose business relationships.

clock August 3, 2017Monica B. Richman and Francesca Montalvo Witzburg

think tank kellogg's

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Think Tank: The Growing Trend for Branded Cafés

Lisa Reiner, managing director of EMEA at Beanstalk, explains the benefits of this marketing tactic.

clock July 27, 2017Lisa Reiner

Over in Shanghai, the city's famous skyline turned red for Singles' Day.

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Think Tank: Product Shift Draws More Chinese Female Consumers

Franklin Chu, managing director of Azoya International, shares insights into the behavior of Chinese shoppers.

clock July 24, 2017Franklin Chu

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