Green Goddess

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"The awesome thing about being a vegetarian," says Alicia Silverstone, "is that you are taking care of the environment, the animals and your health at the same time."

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Mauro Bianucci with one of his Carga bags.


Don’t Blame the Messenger

Mauro Bianucci never set out to be a “green” designer. The 35-year-old architect and founder of Carga, a line of wool felt bags, didn’t have soil pollution…

clock October 30, 2007Catherine Hong

Mount Nelson hotel employees display the worms that make up its Vermiculture Project.


Wriggle Me This

Earthworms, celebrities and luxury hotels make strange bedfellows, but not at The Mount Nelson, the grande dame of Cape Town, South Africa, hotels.

clock October 30, 2007Bambina Wise

Gamila's Secret's all-natural olive oil soaps.

Beauty Features

Secret Ingredients

Gamila Hiar isn’t your typical tree-hugger, but she does love her olive trees.

clock October 30, 2007Jessica Steinberg

Gorman Organic's high-waisted organic denim jeans.

Fashion Features

Pioneer Spirit

Green might be one of Australia’s national colors (the other is gold) but, to date, eco-awareness hasn’t been a national fashion priority.

clock October 30, 2007Patty Huntington

Freedom of Choice's organic jeans.


Green Jeans

The denim market faces unique challenges in the drive for eco-conscious apparel.

clock October 30, 2007Kavita Daswani


Cleaning Up Their Act

For companies that produce and source goods outside the U.S., insuring eco-friendly production processes requires a lot of oversight.

clock October 30, 2007WWD Staff

Linda Loudermilk's vegan silk dress with found feathers, Bare's recycled gold bracelet and Bite Down's ceramic and silver ring.


Green Goddess: Change Agent… Green Getaway…

“We all sit around talking about things we want to change, but unless you change, it ain’t going to happen,” says Alicia Silverstone. “I used to say, ‘What…

clock October 30, 2007Marcy Medina

An artist's impression of Marks & Spencerýs eco-factory in Sri Lanka.


Leading the Way

Recognizing the potential for cost savings and new markets, European retailers are taking a leadership role in the green movement.

clock October 30, 2007Ellen Groves


Swimwear Makers Dip Toe in Green Scene

For many, summertime evokes images of sunning on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Now, a number of companies are starting to offer eco-friendly and…

clock October 30, 2007Melanie Lasoff Levs

Fashion Features

Brazilians Build Business While Battling Nature’s Foes

Early this year, Oskar Metsavaht, the designer and founder of Brazilian beachwear and casualwear brand Osklen, gathered together a group of biologists,…

clock October 30, 2007Michael Kepp

Fashion Features

Fin Takes ‘Nice’ to Earthly Extreme

Fin plans to take “nice” to another level.

clock October 30, 2007Ellen Groves


Abode: Environmentally Aware Home Cooking

Nestled in a courtyard on Santa Monica, Calif.’s, Ocean Avenue stands Abode, a fine dining restaurant that brings an eco-conscious outlook to the dining…

clock October 30, 2007Diana Ryu


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