Down to Earth

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Green chic heats up.

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Investing in green construction can yield large savings in operational and overhead costs.


Conscientious Construction

A growing number of retailers are adopting green building practices.

clock April 8, 2008Anne Riley-Katz

The high cost of fuel is forcing many companies to rethink the distance their goods have to travel.


Closer to Home

Fashion producers reconsider the environmental impact of sourcing goods from far away.

clock April 8, 2008Kavita Daswani

Uluru's hand-embellished tunic is produced with Alabama Chanin.


Slow Ride

A number of fashion designers are stepping back from the disposable world of fast fashion, instead focusing on a more eco-conscious, long-term approach.

clock April 8, 2008WWD Staff

THA ceo and president Sally Kay.


A Leg Up

The Hosiery Association and its membership work to green their businesses.

clock April 8, 2008Marilyn Nason

A Fair Trade partnership with Limited Brands would have far-reaching effects for thousands of Burkinabe cotton farmers.


Potential Partners

Limited Brands eyes an organic cotton venture in West Africa.

clock April 8, 2008Joyce Barrett


Pitching In

In an effort to keep pace with the rising demand for organic and environmentally friendly fabrics and apparel, synthetic fiber manufacturers have sought to…

clock April 8, 2008Ross Tucker

Recycled boxes at Patagonia's Reno distribution center.

Business Features

Apparel Brands Find Their Eco-Friendly Sides

Making environmentally conscious decisions can make good business sense.

clock April 8, 2008Sharon Edelson


Eat, Drink and Be Green

Green Drinks International provides a social outlet for like-minded individuals to get together and discuss environmental problems and solutions. Started in…

clock April 8, 2008Melanie Lasoff Levs

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Get Smart

Classic textiles in shades of gray take an eco-conscious spin for the spring 2009 season.

clock April 8, 2008Kim Friday

Fashion Features

Mild Mannered

Languid, easy shapes are one signature of organic style, and an earthy, neutral palette drives home the point.

clock April 8, 2008WWD Staff

Looks by Milen Krastev and Rob Curry of the Academy of Art University.

Fashion Features

What’s Old Is New Again

San Francisco designers and fashion students are celebrating spring by recasting used apparel and fabric into chic cocktail dresses, evening gowns and…

clock April 8, 2008Joanna Ramey

"Minding Your Business: Profits That Restore the Planet" by Horst M. Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients


By the Book

Leave it to Horst M. Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients, to break new ground once again in the green movement with his third book,…

clock April 8, 2008Michelle Edgar

Looks from Dawes Design.


Gold Standards

For some women, having children can throw a wrench in their career plans. Not so with jewelry designer Jennifer Dawes.

clock April 8, 2008Beth Wilson

Fashion Features

The Hip Side

A little green goes a long way in Los Angeles, whether it’s in business or everyday life.

clock April 8, 2008Leila Baboi


Ever Green

Stella McCartney continues to lead the earth-friendly fashion movement, expanding on her organic Eco-Collection.

clock April 8, 2008Venessa Lau


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clock 9hKristen Tauer

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