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Chanel Spends Big on Manhattan Headquarters

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Victoria Beckham Opens London Flagship to Old Master Paintings

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Containing the Downturn

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The U.S. economic downturn is having a domino effect on global manufacturing, as key exporting countries scramble to deal with currency fluctuations and increased demand.

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Stuart Roberts


Facing a Funding Crunch

The apparel supply chain is among the most vulnerable to feeling the pangs of a prolonged economic downturn, according to Stuart Roberts, North American…

clock March 18, 2008Ross Tucker

John Brislin


Turning Toward Technology

Now that fashion companies, in a fit of globalization, have built supply chains that stretch around the world and are designing on several continents at…

clock March 18, 2008Evan Clark

Dan Henkle, Gap Inc.

Government and Trade

Proving the Power of Ethical Practices

Fashion companies are finding that incorporating ethical business practices into their manufacturing strategies isn’t only good public relations, it’s smart…

clock March 18, 2008Evan Clark and Ross Tucker

John Cheh

Government and Trade

Suppliers Grapple With Rising Costs

John Cheh, vice chairman and chief executive officer of Esquel Group, opened his presentation by explaining the difficulty of the task presented to him: how…

clock March 18, 2008Ross Tucker

David Spooner


Free Trade Faces Threats In Washington

Those fashion executives hoping for some free trade reassurance from Washington might not want to hold their breath.

clock March 18, 2008Evan Clark

Government and Trade

Learning to Take Cues From Other Industries

What can Seven-Eleven Japan teach the fashion industry?

clock March 18, 2008Evan Clark

Frank Tworecke and Allan Ellinger


Vendors Take Control Amid Uncertainty

Sourcing executives spoke of managing the complexities of the supply chain in a worsening economic landscape at the third annual WWD Sourcing Forum.

clock March 18, 2008Evan Clark and Ross Tucker

USTR Susan Schwab.


Doha Talks Remain in Limbo

Less than two months after ministers from key powers gave the go-ahead for the Doha global liberalization talks to again move into serious talks in search…

clock March 18, 2008John Zarocostas

Government and Trade

Customs’ Import Rule Plan Stirs Debate

A proposed rule change that would force U.S. companies to pay millions of dollars in additional duties on the products they make abroad and import back to…

clock March 18, 2008Kristi Ellis

Active Apparel's state-of-the-art factory.


Currency Adjustment Benefits Pakistani Manufacturers

With the Pakistan rupee loosely pegged to the dollar and the strengthening of the Chinese, Indian and Bangladeshi currencies, Pakistani manufacturers have…

clock March 18, 2008WWD Staff

One of Orient Craft's factories.

Government and Trade

Indian Exporters See Tough Year Ahead

Indian textile and clothing exporters are generally expecting a tough year ahead on the back of shrinking profits last year, but some savvy manufacturers…

clock March 18, 2008N. Vasuki Rao

Fessler USA purchased a 150,000-square-foot warehouse last year and is converting it into its manufacturing hub.

Fashion Features

Fessler USA: Lessons in Adaptation

Walter Meck makes note of the church along rural Route 62 during the short drive between Fessler USA’s headquarters in this quaint little village and its…

clock March 18, 2008Ross Tucker

Inside Joseph Ribkoff International.

Government and Trade

Proximity Pays for Canadian Manufacturers

Few Canadian apparel manufacturers have been able to resist the lure of low-cost foreign factories to produce their products.

clock March 18, 2008Brian Dunn

A child labor protest in New Delhi.

Fashion Features

Shining a Light on Subcontractors

The global supply chain, a key element of international commerce globalization and a vital issue and buzz term of fashion executives, can conjure a somewhat…

clock March 18, 2008Evan Clark

Government and Trade

China Takes Broad Approach to Reform

The Chinese government and textile industry associations have refrained from directly addressing concerns in the U.S. Congress over key trade issues like…

clock March 18, 2008Kathleen E. McLaughlin

Hong Kong remains a central point for Asian shipping, although its sourcing firms have diversified.

Government and Trade

Hong Kong Sourcing Companies Prepare for Challenges

Diversification has been the mantra of Hong Kong’s sourcing companies for years and, with recent developments in China, that policy is looking even wiser.

clock March 18, 2008Constance Haisma-Kwok

Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, vying for the Democratic nomination, have called for stricter labor and environmental provisions in trade deals. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain is a free trade advocate.

Government and Trade

Presidential Race Steers Congressional Trade Agenda

Congress cast the spotlight back on China this month with action on product safety legislation, a move that could reignite the tense debate over the Asian…

clock March 18, 2008Kristi Ellis


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