At a Crossroads

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A confluence of issues has put global apparel and textile trade at a critical junction.

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Workers at Master Textile Mills' gas turbo power generation plant.


Energy Crisis Hampers Pakistan Textile Production

Pakistan continues to face a growing energy crisis adversely affecting the efficiency of its textile sector.

clock May 13, 2008Mahlia S. Lone

The Rainbow Bridge border crossing at Niagara Falls.

Government and Trade

NAFTA: The Canadian View

Just when the North American Free Trade Agreement seemed to be fully integrated into continental commerce, along came Democratic presidential candidates…

clock May 13, 2008Brian Dunn

Thousands of factories have closed in the Pearl River Delta region, seen here in a satellite image.

Government and Trade

China’s Manufacturing ‘Pearl’ Loses Luster

Despite ongoing factory closures, thousands of lost jobs and apparel production moving out of China, the Chinese central government has yet to release any…

clock May 13, 2008Kathleen E. McLaughlin

A factory worker in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Asian Neighbors Pick Up Production

Spiraling energy and freight costs coupled with rising wages and other expenses in China’s Pearl River Delta, the world’s premier textile and apparel…

clock May 13, 2008John Zarocostas

European Union trade commissioner Peter Mandelson.

Government and Trade

Time Crunch Spurs New Doha Trade Talks

Top negotiators from more than 150 countries are gearing up for a new diplomatic offensive in an attempt to achieve a breakthrough deal in the Doha global…

clock May 13, 2008John Zarocostas

Government and Trade

India Extends Textile Program

The Indian government, encouraged by the success of a seven-year program to modernize and upgrade the country’s vital textile sector, has extended it for…

clock May 13, 2008N. Vasuki Rao

Ship fuel prices have skyrocketed over the past year.


Fuel, Labor Contracts Likely to Raise Costs

Retailers and vendors importing goods through West Coast ports have cause for concern, as ocean freight carriers seek to recoup skyrocketing fuel prices and…

clock May 13, 2008Ross Tucker

Jim McCrery, ranking Republican on the House Ways & Means Committee.

Government and Trade

Free Trade Hits Low Tide as Range of Issues Converge

Free trade has had a long run of expansion and widespread acceptance, but a conglomeration of issues is threatening to bring it’s growth and commercial and…

clock May 13, 2008Kristi Ellis

Government and Trade

Trade Timeline

1930 – 2007

clock May 13, 2008WWD Staff

Chinese manufacturers are unlikely to see an influx of business once quotas are lifted.

Government and Trade

Facing a Quota-Free China

When quotas on imports to the U.S. from China are lifted at the end of 2008, sourcing executives are not expecting a run back to the world’s biggest…

clock May 13, 2008Liza Casabona


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