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John B. Fairchild (1927-2015)


James Fallon, Editorial Director

Miles Socha, Editor, International

Booth Moore, Executive Editor, West Coast

Tara Donaldson, Executive Editor

Jenny B. Fine, Executive Editor, Beauty

Arthur Zaczkiewicz, Executive Editor, Strategic Content Development

Allison Collins, Managing Editor

Evan Clark, Deputy Managing Editor

Lisa Lockwood, News Director

Alex Badia, Style Director

David Moin, Senior Editor, Retail

Samantha Conti, Bureau Chief, London

Joelle Diderich, Bureau Chief, Paris

Luisa Zargani, Bureau Chief, Milan

Jenna Greene, Visual Media Director

Ritu Upadhyay, Bureau Chief, Middle East

Jennifer Weil, European Beauty Editor

Kathryn Hopkins, Senior Beauty Editor

Marisa Guthrie, Media Editor

Leigh Nordstrom, Eye Editor

Kristen Tauer, Deputy Eye Editor


Jean E. Palmieri, Senior Editor

Luis Campuzano, Associate Fashion Editor

Layla Ilchi, Senior Reporter, Menswear

Pete Born, Editor at large, Beauty

Market Editors

Accessories: Misty White Sidell (Senior Reporter, Accessories & Fashion); Thomas Waller (Senior Fashion Market Editor, Accessories); Financial: Kellie Ell; Ready-to-Wear and Sportswear News: Rosemary Feitelberg; Ready-to-Wear and Sportswear Fashion: Emily Mercer; Kimberly Infante, Ari Stark (Fashion Assistants); James Manso (Beauty Market Editor); Noor Lobad (Beauty Reporter); Emily Burns (Wellness Reporter); Strategic Content Development: Alexandra Pastore; Sustainability: Kaley Roshitsh; Technology: Adriana Lee 


New York: Jasper Brown (Fashion/News); Paris: Lily Templeton (General Assignment Editor), Rhonda Richford (General Assignment Editor); Milan: Sandra Salibian (Beauty and Business Correspondent), Martino Carrera (Milan Correspondent); London/China: Tianwei Zhang (Market Editor); Hikmat Mohammed (General Assignment Editor); Los Angeles: Ryma Chikhoune (News); Deborah Belgum (News); Kristopher Fraser (Trending News Writer); Ayana Herndon (Trending News Writer)

Charlie Carballo, Executive Digital Director

Fabiana Repaci, Digital Director, International

Renan Botelho, Senior Digital Director

Mary Gillen, Social Media Manager

Mikahila Bloomfield Linder, Social Media Editor, Europe

WWD Shop

Adam Mansuroglu, Director of Commerce

Claire Sullivan, Senior Beauty & Lifestyle Commerce Editor

Nikki Chwatt, Style Commerce Editor


Maureen Morrison-Shulas, Copy Chief

Danielle Gilliard, Copy Editor

Christine Mautone, Copy Editor


Tirso Gamboa, Vice President, Creative Director, Fairchild Media Group


Mariya Ivankovitser, Senior Design Director

Emily Harris, Associate Art Director

Melody Hsieh, Designer

Skylar Wang, Designer

Samuel Williams, Designer


Libby Groden, Associate Art Director

Yeni Cho, Senior Designer

Arani Halder, Senior Designer


Sarah Jacobs, Visual Media Editor

Ryan Williams, Associate Photo Editor

Photo Studio


George Chinsee, Lexie Moreland


Amanda Smith, President

Hillari Lazzara, Senior Vice President, Sales

Amanda Boyle, Beauty Director

Amy Macauley, West Coast Director

Jennifer Petersen, Fashion & Luxury Ad Director

Sam Rumsky, Ad Director, Footwear

Alyssa Cohen, Account Director, Finance and Tech

Katherine Hogan, Account Director

International Offices

Olga Kouznetsova, European Director, Italy

Giulia Squeri, European Director, Italy

Elisabeth Sugy Rawson, European Director, France


William Gasperoni, Vice President

Caroline Daddario, Executive Director, Head of Programming

Lauren Ashley-Spencer, Director of Marketing, Fairchild Studio

Lauren Pyo, Senior Manager, Marketing


Ashley Faradineh, Director of Operations

Emanuela Altimani, Senior Sales Coordinator

Alaina Randazzo, Integrated Marketing and Digital Sales Planner

Sienna Eisenhart, Digital Coordinator


Kevin Hurley, Production Director

Anne Leonard, Production Manager

Prepress Production

Therese Hurter, PreMedia Specialist

Fairchild Media Group

Amanda Smith, President

Michael Atmore, Chief Brand Officer

James Fallon, Editorial Director

Edward Hertzman, Executive Vice President, Fairchild Studio

Penske Media Corporation

Jay Penske, Chairman and CEO

Gerry Byrne, Vice Chairman

George Grobar, Chief Operating Officer

Sarlina See, Chief Accounting Officer

Craig Perreault, Chief Digital Officer

Todd Greene, Executive Vice President, Business Affairs, Chief Legal Officer

Paul Rainey, Executive Vice President, Operations and Finance

Tom Finn, Executive Vice President, Operations and Finance

Jenny Connelly, Executive Vice President, Product and Engineering

Debashish Ghosh, Managing Director, International Markets

Dan Owen, Executive Vice President, General Manager of Strategic Industry Group

David Roberson, Senior Vice President, Subscriptions

Judith R. Margolin, Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel

Ken DelAlcazar, Senior Vice President, Finance

Lauren Utecht, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Marissa O’Hare, Senior Vice President, Business Development

Nelson Anderson, Senior Vice President, Creative

Rachel Terrace, Senior Vice President, Licensing and Brand Development

Adrian White, Vice President, Associate General Counsel

Anne Doyle, Vice President, Human Resources

Brian Levine, Vice President, Revenue Operations

Brian Vrabel, Head of Industry, CPG and Health

Brooke Jaffe, Vice President, Public Affairs and Strategy

Cassy Hough, Head of Industry, Technology

Brooke Jaffe, Vice President, Public Affairs and Strategy

Constance Ejuma, Vice President, SEO

Dan Feinberg, Vice President, Associate General Counsel

Doug Bandes, Head of Live Event Partnerships

Ellen Dealy, Vice President, Audience Marketing and Special Projects

Frank McCallick, Vice President, Global Tax

Gabriel Koen, Vice President, Technology

Jamie Miles, Vice President, E-commerce

Jennifer Garber, Head of Industry, Travel

Jerry Ruiz, Vice President, Acquisitions and Operations

Joni Antonacci, Vice President, Production Operations

Karen Reed, Vice President, Finance

Keir McMullen, Vice President, Human Resources

Kay Swift, Vice President, Information Technology

Marquetta Moore, Head of Talent

Matthew Cline, Head of Automotive Industry

Mike Ye, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Acquisitions

Nici Catton, Vice President, Product Delivery

Noemi Lazo, Vice President, Customer Experience and Marketing Operations

Scott Ginsberg, Head of Industry, Performance Marketing

Sonal Jain, Vice President, Associate General Counsel

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