The face mask scarf hybrid by Bayland.

Paris-based Caroline Bayle is using some French joie de vivre infused with practicality to create her own take on face masks. Bayle, who comes from the fashion and hotel space, used her contacts to link up with several fabric merchants and employed her seamstress mother to  set up a small at-home atelier — and her scarf mask hybrid brand Baylandi was born. The Parisian explained she wanted to create a product that was more than just a passing trend.

The results are pieces crafted with clever pleats, gathers and structural seams that line up with the nose and chin to create face masks that double as chic neck scarves. While quintessentially French, several styles are dry clean only, and starting at $200, land at a luxury price point.

The face mask scarf hybrid by Bayland.

The face mask scarf hybrid by Baylandi.  Courtesy

Sales began via its web site in France in June with a U.S. launch due this month.

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