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WWD Advertisement issue 09/10/2008

Black has been liturgical, existentialist, gothic, punk, minimal, total… Through the centuries, the decades and through changing fashions, few colours have had so many and so different meanings. Probably because black is a non-colour which becomes tinged with the Zeitgeist.

So how shall we describe next winter’s black? The colour that, once again, we will not abandon despite fashion trends? As I tried to imagine and classify it and to understand its many meanings so I could use it to best effect in my collection, I thought of black out. Because we’re living in a time of total black out.

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This is exactly why we seek – now as in any period of complete darkness – a light. And so the black out of Love Sex Money is a total black distinguished by a constant presence of luminous details. As if the energy had started flowing again… And after the darkness, pale hues arrive to make the black out an optimistic, vibrant black.

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