An Opening Ceremony x Google phone case.
Opening Ceremony’s collaboration with the New York City Ballet isn’t the only hookup cofounders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have on tap this season.

If Opening Ceremony x NYCB was a new venue for exposing their collection to a wider audience, Opening Ceremony X Google will allow them to offer a piece of their aesthetic at a lower price than the ready-to-wear. The Opening Ceremony x Google phone cases for Pixel and Nexus phones, which bow Sunday, are $40 each.

“You’ll see some of the rtw prints in the Google collection,” Lim said. “We’ve always loved speaking on all levels. Humberto and I grew up in the suburbs and would go to malls, so we love speaking to all different levels. Often accessories like these are entry points for people to enter brands.”

“The new collection showcases what we’re calling action words — designs featuring singular words such as ‘unite,’ ‘act,’ ‘shout,’ ‘protest’ and ‘defy,'” Leon said, noting that the words reflect the designers’ dismay over President Donald Trump’s policies. “On the Google Live cases, the action words are together in one pattern as if in conversation with each other. In using a phone as a canvas, we’re not only extending our collection, we’re also drawing attention to the importance of communication and conversation.”

“We’ve always used our collections and shows as platforms to speak about things that are important to us, to tell stories we hope will resonate with other people,” Leon added. “Our reach is limited, but we can extend it through collaborations like NYCB and Google.”

Open Ceremony’s phone case is part of Google’s Artworks Live case series, which has featured Jeff Koons, Jen Stark, Friends With You art collective, Jeremy Scott and astronaut Chris Hadfield, among others. Opening Ceremony’s case comes with a live wallpaper set of each design in the collection that can be programmed to change throughout the day. A shortcut button on the case can be programmed to launch Wi-Fi, the camera or an app.

“People are attached to their phones and they’re an extension of style,” Lim said. “It’s nice that we have these phone cases that can become collectibles.”