One of the styes from the Christian Cowan x Le Specs collaboration.

Designer Christian Cowan has teamed with Australian eyewear brand Le Specs.

While this is Cowan’s first venture into eyewear, Le Specs has steadily bumped up its brand capital through a mix of collaborations, including Adam Selman, Self Portrait and Henry Holland.

“Fashion has changed from what it was, we want post-able moments. There’s always been a seductive power with sunglasses, they shield your identity, people can’t tell if you’re looking at them,” Cowan said, when asked why he chose to dip into eyewear. “I wanted this collection to capture that energy, fierce.”

The collection injects the English designer’s trademark high-wattage, bold and colorful aesthetic. Each style retails for $119, maintaining the affordability Le Specs is known for. Cowan zeroed in on a exaggerated cat-eye-like shape in bright colors, some with flashy hardware. There are four styles with names like “HBIC” and “Watch Out.”

“Oh well, we have to give ‘The Calabasas’ to the queen of Calabasas, Mrs. Kardashian West,” Cowan said when musing on which celebrities match up with one of his eyewear styles. “’She.E.O’ is Lady Gaga, for obvious reasons. ‘Watch Out’ is a Cardi B number, she was the first to wear my watchband-inspired designs so that makes sense. And finally, ‘ÚHBIC’ goes to Queen Elizabeth II, she’s the HBIC after all.”

The collaboration launches globally June 18 at select retailers.