MILAN — Safilo Group SpA saw almost-flat revenues in 2015, at constant exchange rates, with overall sales of 1.28 billion euros, or $1.40 billion, “in line” with 2014’s 1.18 billion euros. At current exchange rates, the company said sales would have increased 8.5 percent.

In what the company defined a “flash sales update,” Safilo said revenues in the fourth quarter of 2015 reached 319.2 million euros, or $347.9 million, up 2.6 percent at current exchange rates but down 2.7 percent at constant currencies. The company said it planned to continue issuing such flash sales updates of fourth-quarter and full-year performance in the future.

Dollar figures were converted from the euro at average exchange rates for the periods to which they refer.

Safilo — which produces prescription glasses and sunglasses for brands including Dior, Gucci and Marc Jacobs as well as house brands Safilo, Polaroid and Carrera — added that sales of its “going forward portfolio” grew 7.4 percent in the fourth quarter, at current exchange rates, or 2.0 percent at constant currencies.

Overall, organic sales growth for all of 2015 was 13 percent, at current exchange rates, and 4.3 percent at constant currencies.

The results were preliminary, Safilo said; audited full-year and fourth-quarter results will be approved by the board of directors on March 14.

In geographic terms, on a full-year basis, the group’s performance was particularly strong in both Europe and North America, at current exchange rates (less strong, but always positive also in constant currencies), while in Latin America and Asia-Pacific sales actually declined, at both current and constant exchange rates.

In the fourth quarter, European sales grew at both constant and current exchange rates, while North American sales were slightly positive in current currency terms, but negative in constant currencies. All other markets were negative at both current and constant exchange rates.

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