Interchangeable glasses firm Frameri has added a mixed medium collection to its frame styles.

The new collection is called Machina, which mixes handmade Italian acetate with metal earpieces. The original line of frames is composed just of acetate.

Konrad Billetz founded the firm in July 2014, and he is also the eyewear firm’s chief executive officer. According to Billetz, what’s unique about the company is its interchangeable system of lenses, which allows users to buy one set of lenses and then swap them into different frames having the same lens shape.

The newest line of frames is available in time for the firm’s planned road show as Frameri is preparing to start a round of fund-raising. The company began with $1.6 million in seed and angel investments.

Billetz said the lenses start at $50, and prices go up depending on what may be added onto the order, such as any coating, tinting or prescription. The frames start at $99 for the acetate options and can go as high as $179 per frame.

Consumers get to try on the frames using a 3-D virtual program. The platform also uses information inputted by the customer, such as the measurement from one end to the other of one’s existing pair of eyewear. Users can switch between different shapes, lenses and colors. The firm offers free shipping and returns.

Billetz said the majority of buyers on the site are repeat customers. While typically only one set of lenses are bought, the repeat customers tend to have bought at least two sets. Many have bought between four to six frame options. “When people buy the first frame, universally they are buying a dark frame, such as our tortoise shell. By the time they buy their second or third frame, they are experimenting with the look, such as a colored frame in translucent green.

Frameri’s customer profile is someone who is between ages 24 to 35, and about 65 percent of its buyers are female.