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Taos sunglass shown here in green.

Hollywood royalty offspring and fashion-editor-turned-handbag-designer Marin Hopper is adding sunglasses to her offerings. A venture with Jacques Marie Mage, the L.A. handcrafted eyewear line, the glasses are part of her new Hopper Goods label, a new men’s/unisex line of accessories and clothing. Dubbed “Taos,” the eyewear embodies the spirit of her late father, Dennis Hopper — its name referencing the New Mexico town where Hopper lived, created and is buried. It even takes its style cues from the specs Hopper wore in “Easy Rider”: oversize and square-shaped frames, whose temple features an 18-karat metal bar hinge — a popular detail in vintage frames — and an inlay on the plastic sides that was based on a Pueblo bracelet.

Jacques Mage said when they met through the Hopper Art Trust, he was drawn to Marin’s passion for creating fashionable products and for preserving her father’s legacy. It was natural for Mage to connect his independent eyewear line to the actor’s independent thinking, filmmaking and lifestyle: Mage’s production methods date back to Japanese techniques in the Sixties — around the same time that Dennis Hopper was creating a “creative counterculture” art space at the Mabel Dodge House, according to Marin Hopper.

After studying Dennis’ time in Taos, Mage decided to shoot the look book in the town. “We had a fantastic guide there, Robby Romero,” he recalled. Romero had worked with Hopper and showed Mage’s people his favorite haunts for the locations; he even directed “the models to pose like the late actor.”

“Taos” comes in three colors — brown Havana, green Rover and black Noir — and retails for between $525 and $575, starting this week. Marin’s Manhattan store, Hayward House, quietly set out samples in mid-June and promptly began getting preorders for the specs: “They worked on both men and ladies who tried them on,” said Marin. Before even hitting the floor, they sold 60 pairs and needed to place a second order, she claims. Production has been limited to 1,050 pairs total, 350 in each style.