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SHE’S TOAST: Four-legged Instagram sensation Toast the Dog, the droopy-tongued pup rescued by comedian Josh Ostrovsky and wife, Katie Sturino, is donning shades and starring alongside eyewear designer Karen Walker in her spring 2015 campaign. New Zealand-based Walker met the adorable canine after noticing that she wore several pairs of her glasses in her daily social media posts. 

“A beautiful redhead with a Cinderella backstory, who better to have as our first celebrity?” mused Walker. A key image features side-by-side photos of Toast and the designer in matching Creeper shades — a split two-tone frame in tortoise and clear Plexiglas — in similar positions.

While Toast had her own groomer, mom and “dogager” Katie, hairstylist Gavin Harwin used fans to get the Cavalier King Charles spaniel’s ears to flop in the wind. It was a seemingly enjoyable pose for Toast, as it mimicked hanging out of a car window, but Walker admitted being photographed next to her was daunting. “It’s pretty hard to compete with a toothless dog with its tongue hanging out,” she said.

The crew and Walker were all starstruck, but were forbidden from posting any behind-the-scenes photos prior to the campaign’s launch date — Jan. 26, exactly a year to the day since the Cavalier King Charles spaniel made her Instagram debut. Walker and Sturino hope to see some of that footage hit social media after that.

Campaign images will appear in the Karen Walker storefront, and on its Web site and social media platforms, as well as on the Web sites of many of the retailers in 35 countries that carry her line, according to Sunshades Eyewear, which produces the designer’s product.

In addition to paying the captivating pup for her modeling services, Walker also made a donation to Friends of Finn, the Amanda Hearst-founded and Humane Society-supported committee that helps stop inhumane breeding practices in puppy mills. When Ostrovsky and Sturino rescued Toast from a Brooklyn mill in 2011, her teeth were in such bad shape they had to be removed, hence her permanently wagging tongue.

“Hers is a true Cinderella story — she was rescued from a puppy mill and was in terrible condition. Katie and Josh brought her back to health and rocketed her to fame,” said the designer. Walker’s new eyewear will debut during her New York Fashion Week runway show in February — presumably with Toast sitting in the front row.

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