Under Armour Eyewear will be returning to the Cal Ripken World Series again this year.

The brand, which is the official eyewear sponsor of Ripken Baseball, will be providing free eyewear to the top teams at the event, which will be held July 29 through Aug. 6 in Aberdeen, Md. The brand will also retail its  newest styles to attendees at the games and will offer a special ballpark discount of 20 percent.

Also this year, the final four teams in the games will receive Under Armour Eyewear for the entire roster along with Under Armour team uniforms.

The Cal Ripken World Series is the pinnacle for the world’s most advanced 12-year-old baseball players. UA Eyewear’s partnership with Ripken underscores the company’s commitment to providing professional-quality, impact-protection frames, specifically designed for young players, with lenses that block 100 percent of the sun’s harmful UVA, B and C rays.

“Ripken Baseball is the right organization for Under Armour Eyewear to focus on the importance of young athletes protecting their eyes from dangerous UVA/B/C rays. Our innovative performance frames offer them the safety and eye protection they need to be healthier players,” said Scott Betty, senior vice president of product and marketing for Under Armour Eyewear. “As a company, we are committed to providing the highest-quality performance eyewear product for these future athletes.”

The competition will include 10 champion teams from across the United States as well as eight international teams representing Australia, Canada, Republic of Korea, the Dominican Republic, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico and New Zealand. The final game will be available for viewing on Saturday, Aug. 6 on MLB.com.