M4D3’s starting off with a very Millennial slant — from its target customer to its business model.

The footwear brand will launch today at M4D3shoes.com with a premiere collection of 12 styles of sandals, flats, lace-up booties and block heels that range from $100 to $150. The name stands for “Make a Difference Everyday.”

“When I look at our launch – the Web site explains our business model and tells our story the best,” said Scott Kaminsky, the brand’s president. While the plan is to expand into wholesale later this year through brick-and-mortar as well as digital retailers, m4d3shoes.com will remain the brand’s flagship.

Similar to other accessories brands that prioritize giving back, including Tom’s and Warby Parker, Kaminsky said a key part of the company’s mission is to donate to charities that are relevant to today’s woman. But he wants to be transparent about where the money goes — and let the consumer pick their charity.

Ten percent of every sale goes to No Ceilings, Too Small to Fail or Right Action for Women (Christina Applegate’s breast cancer foundation). When the consumer receives her shoes, there’s an insert in the shoe box with instructions on how to donate to one of the three organizations.

“The objective is to be a regular price initiative and the call to action is giving back 10 percent,” Kaminsky said. “The other thing we’re doing is engaging the consumer to be involved in the donation process. Creating product is our vehicle to make a difference in the world. As contrived as that sounds, it’s really our m.o.”

The project is self-funded.