Marc Fisher has a new footwear brand – and a social media-driven platform boosted by Karlie Kloss to go with it.

This week, Fisher introduced Marc Fisher LTD, a new and separate entity from his signature, namesake line. “A lifetime of knowledge and experience,” the designer said of his impetus to start the new brand.

“Over the past year, we’ve been talking about the opportunity for Marc to really curate a collection with his name on it, that will go to all of the women that he’s looked at and wants to make happy for so long,” said Susan Itzkowitz, president of Marc Fisher Footwear.

Focused on “casual luxe,” the debut fall collection features a range of pumps, flats, and boots, and will be available online and at Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom. Fisher said his inspiration for the collection was timelessness over fleeting trends. “I don’t want to make shoes that you see next spring and say, ‘Why did I buy those things?’” Fisher said. “The simplicity of fashion makes it interesting to me.”

Quality is another tentpole of the brand. “The market that we’re in is all going one way, and that’s not the way I want to go,” Fisher said. “It’s going cheap and inexpensive, and it’s not about quality anymore. I really felt it was the right time to use my 40 years in this business to put something together that could make someone really happy. It’s great fashion, great quality and the price is still affordable.” Pricing for the Marc Fisher LTD collection ranges from $140 to $329, just slightly above that of the Marc Fisher brand, which is priced from $69 to $199.

To mark the launch of the brand, Fisher has introduced #MakeYourMarc, a philanthropic platform intended to empower real-life role models. “We wanted to create a platform where we could celebrate and inspire women, and really give women the opportunity to tell their story and to get awards and grants so that they can continue,” said Itzkowitz. One such woman: Karlie Kloss, who appears in the brand’s fall campaign, and is the founder of Kode with Karlie, a scholarship program for young women to learn how to code. Through the #MakeYourMarc platform, for every Instagram or Twitter post using that hashtag, the brand will donate $1 to Kloss’ program. Additionally, the model has chosen three styles from the fall collection — the Netty, Tammy and Yale — and for every purchase of those styles, $20 will be donated.


Marc Fisher boots

A selection of Marc Fisher LTD boots.  Thomas Iannaccone


“I’ve been a fan of Marc’s work for a while,” Kloss said during a break on set from shooting the fall campaign. “It’s incredible the amount of beautiful shoes he’s made over the years. Its astonishing….He reached out and told me about what he’s doing with #MakeYourMarc, and it was something that really spoke to me. I love to find ways to be philanthropically involved in ways that combine something I’m passionate about and tie in a purpose to it.”

Kloss is no stranger to giving back. Since 2012, proceeds from sales of her Karlie’s Kookies, made in collaboration with Momofuku Milk Bar, have gone to provide meals for children through FEED Projects. Going from cooking to coding, Kloss launched her latest endeavor, Kode with Karlie, earlier this year. The program, in partnership with the Flatiron School, encourages young women to learn how to computer-code, and has already provided 21 scholarships for women to attend the Flatiron School’s two-week pre-college course. “It’s something I really enjoyed learning and want to share,” said Kloss, who herself completed the course last summer. “There’s so much you can do with the ability to code. You don’t always realize how creative it can be — it’s like a language. It’s a superpower in its own way, because you can take it and build anything. I wanted to offer what I experienced to other girls….It’s been a really fun process to grow [Kode with Karlie] and continuing to think bigger. This hashtag campaign is going to help us reach more girls.”

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