Sunni Dixon is a self-taught footwear designer and founder of Sunni Sunni, an artful brand at once sophisticated, simple and street smart. Originally from Washington, D.C., aka Chocolate City, Dixon draws inspiration from Black culture. This reinforces his need to prevent jeopardizing the environment and those who work and live in it for fashion trends. 

Dixon has been designing and posting about footwear since 2012, leading to celebrity custom orders. His e-commerce launched during the pandemic and amid nationwide revolt against police brutality. “Consciousness runs deep in everything produced at Sunni Sunni,” the owner said. “It is not an extension to the brand but part of its DNA.” 

The brand utilizes an informal product drop model that requires fans to follow and subscribe in order to catch the next product release. A customer favorite is the Lonel Square Toe Mule, a “lazy day slip on and kick-off style of shoe” retailing for $400 unembellished or $465 with chain.