Two looks from Puma x Pronounce collaboration.

LONDON — Chinese fashion label Pronounce is teaming up with Puma on a capsule that features clothes, sneakers and accessories inspired by Bolivia’s ancient archeological site Pumapunku.

Finding beauty in archeological sites is no stranger to Pronounce. In recent seasons, the brand, founded by Yushan Li and Jun Zhou in 2016, has built collections around the burial site of the terracotta army, China’s centuries-old ceramic capital Jingdezhen and the Crescent Lake at Dunhuang, an oasis in China’s Gobi desert.

The duo took cues from Pumapunku’s architectural constructions, and used graphic motifs to represent ropes, pulleys and clay blocks that were founded on the ruins. The Puma capsule includes T-shirts, hoodies, a collared shirt, trousers and a selection of jackets in gradient earthy tones, as well as new sneaker styles like Suede Mayu, Mirage Sport and OP-1 PWRFrame and classics like the Basket VTG in black, white and orange.

“Pumapunku is a significant historical site,” Li said. “When we saw it the first time, we were amazed by all the exquisitely cut stones. It’s just unbelievable that it’s been around for thousands of years. We wanted to know more about it, so we did lots of research. The more we learned about it, the more we became amazed by this mysterious and spectacular historical site.”

New sneaker styles from Puma x Pronounce collaboration.

New sneaker styles from Puma x Pronounce collaboration.  Courtesy

Zhou added that the duo spent a lot of time during the pandemic thinking about how to start this collection, and they decided to spotlight the spirit of adventure.

“We designed it for those who enjoy outdoor activities and sports, for those who like challenging themselves like we do,” he said.

Having done shows in London, Florence and Shanghai, Pronounce has gained mainstream recognition in China for its ability to showcase East and West cultural exchange in the form of fashion. Prior to this, the brand has also collaborated with Diesel, H&M, Mini Cooper, Gap, Li-Ning and Chinese men’s wear powerhouse Baoxiniao on fashion capsules.