Luxe De Leon

Romeo & Juliette, the footwear brand that’s the parent company of Bearpaw, will introduce a new high-end men’s and women’s shoe brand called “Luxe de Leon.”

According to the company, the line features higher-quality leather and fashionable styles. The line is made with sustainable materials, full-grain leather, suede and double-face sheepskin. Luxe de Leon, which retails from $160 to $270, can be bought at specialty boutiques and better grade department stores. The company launched the higher-priced collection, which includes leather goods, in an effort to elevate their assortment.

“Creating a new brand was the best way to achieve a different price point. We couldn’t have done it under the Bearpaw name,” said John Pierce, president of Bearpaw. “In introducing it as a sister brand to Bearpaw, it lends credibility. This is more a niche than mainstream. And with the ability to build smaller quantities and utilize Mexican manufacturing, it enables us to go after that niche market.”

After the soft launch, Pierce is aiming for greater exposure at retail next year.