Sophia Sanchez de Betak Posing for Antoni SS19 Campaign

MILAN — Italian luxury footwear label Santoni on Friday will launch a new ad campaign that celebrates the concept of beauty.

The brand has recruited a cast of international figures from different creative fields to appear in a series of images and short movies realized by photographer Koto Bolofo with the art direction of Tony Chambers, the former editor in chief of Wallpaper.

“This project reflects our constant and signature focus on creating authentic products, expressing an idea of beauty and high-end quality,” said Santoni president and chief executive officer Giuseppe Santoni, adding that “On Beauty” captures the mission of the brand, “focused on delivering beautiful style and beautiful artisanal craftsmanship.”

The cast includes art director and fashion designer Sofia Sanchez de Betak, known as Chufy; architect Patricia Urquiola, who is lensed with husband and business partner Alberto Zontone; Atip Wananuruks, fashion director at; James M. Bradburne, director of Milan’s Pinacoteca di Brera museum; London-based jewelry designer Hannah Martin; architect Giulio Cappellini; Larusmiani ceo and president Guglielmo Miani; Amina Gaye Moroso, the daughter of Patrizia Moroso, owner of renowned furniture manufacturer Moroso, as well as Charles Compagnon, owner of Paris restaurants Le Richer and 52 Faubourg Saint Denis.

“We wanted to include individuals with different profiles, but all sharing with the brand the same passion for creating beautiful things,” Santoni explained. “We didn’t hire an agency to pick them, but we put together the list in less than one hour, it was just spontaneous, since they are all friends of the house and people appreciating what we do and who are familiar with the brand.”

In the images, the protagonists of the campaign are portrayed in different poses, playing with the brand’s footwear creations, while in the short movies, they are filmed while expressing what the word “beauty” means for them.

“To me beauty is innocence, truthfulness, the simple things in life, love, a sense of humor, nature. I think if you feel happy, at ease, comfortable and confident with yourself you will find beauty more easily,” says Sanchez de Betak, filmed while painting a pair of Santoni brogues. “The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is my daughter; she is delicious, beautifully delicious. Just as I find beauty in a pristine place untouched by humans, I find the same beauty in my daughter’s innocence.”

“My relationship with beauty has a lot to do with my relationship with the Atlantic Ocean. I find beauty evolves like waves,” Urquiola says in conversation with her husband. “I grew up in the north of Spain where the horizon has nothing to do with the sunrise or sunset; it has to do with another light, which I love. When I smile I find a sense of beauty inside.”

The campaign, which will appear in printed and online publications, as well as on the brand’s social media accounts, will support the international expansion of the label, which, according to Santoni, is focused on boosting its women’s business, now accounting 35 percent of the company’s sales.

“In addition, with the fall 2019 collection we expect to enter the U.S. market with our women’s line, which is currently not distributed across the North American region,” added Santoni, highlighting that the company has recently opened a showroom in New York. In the U.S., the brand also operates a boutique in New York’s Upper East Side, on Madison Avenue, as well as a store at Miami’s Ball Harbour luxury shopping mall.

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