Soludos, the company known for its espadrilles and travel-inspired aesthetic, is dipping a toe into apparel.

The company on Monday is set to begin testing apparel with a four-piece women’s offering after hearing consistent feedback from its customer base for clothing to pair with their Soludos footwear.

“Through the years, Instagram’s been such a phenomenal store for us to give a window into the broader Soludos lifestyle, in terms of showing travel and the places that we go. Through the years, we’ve had so many customers reach out and ask us what to style their shoes with or what else she’s packing in her bag,” said founder and chief executive officer Nick Brown. “What we wanted to do is start out with four really simple, focused and considered pieces that we believe she’s bringing in her weekend bag.”

Those pieces, all made in New York, include $49 T-shirts with embroidery, a $119 summer dress and jumpsuit and $129 linen jacket.

The apparel will be sold directly through the company’s online shop, in addition to the Williamsburg store opened about a month ago. It’s possible the line could expand to wholesale, but management will wait to see how the pieces perform in the initial run before expanding distribution.


From the upcoming Soludos apparel collection.  Courtesy Photo

“We want to learn to walk before we run,” Brown said. “What we really want to do is perfect the strategy and see what works and then iterate on the collection. We really do want to keep it edited and really keep it on a focused group of silhouettes.”

Apparel will also, at least in the near term, focus on women. The segment accounts for the majority of the Soludos business, Brown said. Men’s could potentially follow in future seasons, he added.

Outside of apparel, the company’s expansion at retail continues. Soludos, on the heels of its Williamsburg shop opening, less than a month ago bowed a store on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice to mark its first store on the West Coast. Los Angeles and New York represent the company’s two largest markets, according to Brown.

The store growth will continue over the next few years, the ceo added, with the possibility of opening as many as 15 locations.

“With everything,” he said. “We have a test-and-learn approach, but when we are testing, we’re also doing it with intent and with a focus on quality. I think with brick-and-mortar, we’re seeing where our customer is and testing locations.”