Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in the Ugg campaign.

For its foray into the realm of brand ambassador, Ugg, the 38-year-old California-based shearling boot company, went far from ugly when it cast its first face of the brand, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Having launched Monday, the English beauty-model-actress-lingerie designer can add global ambassador to her CV.

Speaking from her Los Angeles home as she was shooing her two dachshunds, Dolly and Peggy (“They’re more famous than I am at this point”), Huntington-Whiteley revealed her affiliation to the brand then and now.

“I remember getting my first pair when I was 15, when they really hit the scene. My favorite style icons — Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Kate Hudson — were rocking them. I had to save up for them and they were an online purchase because at the time (and probably still), they didn’t have them where I grew up on a farm in Devon, England.” She recounted a feeling of eager anticipation, watching the mail for a package containing the fashion treasure.

For the campaign that will launch this partnership, Ugg enlisted artist-photographer Cass Bird to capture Huntington-Whiteley sporting five classic Ugg models in still shots and videos, one for each style. The campaign was shot around Los Angeles. The videos capture the “warmth, humor and humility of the real Rosie’s personality,” said a brand spokeswoman. The video features the many facets of her multi-hyphenate personality and the ways to wear the boots. For instance, she is  seen as the “rocker,” getting off and tipping over a motorcycle; the “sport,” demonstrating her skateboarding skills, and the “entertainer” — Huntington-Whiteley hangs outside a movie set van in a robe while someone brushes her Uggs.

Huntington-Whiteley will greet some of the brand’s fan base on an upcoming trip to Asia with Ugg this September. The stops include Shanghai and Japan. The model has a keen interest in Eastern cultures, especially Japan. “I studied Japanese for five years. It is definitely a culture I am interested in — from the talented, focused and well-mannered people to the immaculate state of the country.”