NEW FORMAT: Two minutes. That’s the length of Kotur’s new fall 2016 digital preview, the company’s first endeavor dabbling with video.

“The traditional presentation, I think we’re getting away from that and, quite honestly, last season’s schedule was so rushed for everybody,” said Fiona Kotur, founder of the Hong Kong-based company. “We wanted to make it more accessible so people could look at it on their mobile devices.”

Kotur sells clutches and shoes and is in about 50 retailers. That includes Net-a-porter, which is one of its largest retailers. It also sells direct through its own online store, a part of the business that is rapidly becoming its largest door. The site was relaunched, with improved back-end functionality, in the summer.

About a year-and-a-half ago, the company made the move to bring its sales in-house in a bid to forge stronger ties with its retailers after previously being represented through showrooms in Milan and New York.

The recently released fall 2016 digital preview is two minutes, split in half between clutches for day and evening.

“We didn’t want it to go any longer than what a person is used to watching and it had to be entertaining,” Kotur said. “There’s nothing superfluous. What it manages to do is to convey the inspiration and the breadth of our collection all in one place, so you see your key items — your more editorial items — and you understand what the collection is about and we’re hoping that could translate through the entire chain of sales and marketing down to the customer.”

The digital preview for fall was produced in-house and Kotur said she’s now exploring the possibilities with video, including shorter clips.

“It’s a medium for storytelling,” she said. “We love digital and it’s something we see as the future of our company. We think it lends well to what we sell; it’s not forced. We’re not selling blenders. You have to inspire. The business is extremely important but it starts with inspiration at all levels.”