Designer Beth Macri is downsizing — her jewelry that is. The designer behind the Hidden Message collection, which garnered her the Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Award for Accessories this year, is introducing fine jewelry with a “mini” Hidden Message collection made in 14-karat rose, white and yellow gold. She shrunk down the shapes for a more delicate aesthetic and a more attainable price point. Macri also introduced a made-to-order 18-karat gold and diamond full-size Hidden Message collection. In addition to the classic styles, the designer has expanded her offerings with cuffs, rings and ear cuffs.l

Macri’s road to jewelry design was a winding one; she took a detour by starting her career as a civil engineer. After a stint in London, retrofitting and designing bridges, she landed plum engineering projects working on New York’s High Line in 2005, followed by projects at the World Trade Center Pavilion and Barclay’s Center. As a structural engineer, Macri was trained to work in cross sections, the complex inner structures that make up even the most basic of designs. Think of viewing an I-beam from the end so that it looks like the capital letter I. “The interesting thing about cross sections is that there are so many things that are hidden from view that can only be seen if you cut through the form,” she said. “For example, a typical aluminum window frame has so much design to keep the elements out and help it function, but we don’t see any of it.”

This was the genesis for Macri’s “Hidden Messages” collection, launched in 2012. When viewed straight on, the designs look like long cylinders but when paired accordingly and held up, they spell out standard or custom-created words. Both the original and fine jewelry collections are currently available at, while the costume line is carried at Story, Shinola and Ron Robinson/Fred Segal.

Prices for costume pieces range from $160 for a one-letter necklace to $600 for a six-letter necklace. Prices for the 14-karat gold fine collection range from $925 for a one- letter necklace to $2,590 for six letters, with rings, earrings and bracelets priced from approximately $750 to $2,800.

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