A rendering of Chrishabana XXX Cam4's pop-up shop.

Chris Habana’s edgy jewelry dances perilously close to the abundantly- pierced lips of danger. With Chrishabana XXX Cam4 bowing today the designer is hooking up with the adult cam site, and adding another layer to his subversive work.

A 2,000-square-foot Chrishabana XXX Cam4 pop-up shop bowing today at 151 Ludlow Street in Manhattan’s East Village, invites guests to get their kink on with exclusive jewelry, accessories, apparel and lifestyle pieces chosen by the two brands and showcased in a multimedia cybersex playland.

Items in the Chrishabana XXX Cam4 collection include the Jack ring, $115, drop cuff, $250, and Chopstick ear cuff, $205.

A requisite selfie station has been turned into a stage set replete with handcuffs dangling above the bed, which is topped with a pink Laytex “blanket.”

The pop-up shop will operate through the end of September, with weekly activations. For example, on Sept. 10, customers will be invited to view Chrishabana as it stages a photo shoot; the brand is known for its otherworldly campaigns featuring unconventional models.

Tokens, the currency of choice on Cam4, are the price of entry, used to access activations at the pop-up. Guests can be models and performers, while others connect with their inner voyeur at computers underneath a colossal chandelier made from iPads.



An installation at the Chrishabana XXX Cam4 pop-up shop. 

Habana’s jewelry has “officially been around for about 10 years. The work has a disturbing tone,” the designer said. “A little bit of that was my ethos from the get-go. Any art medium where there’s fashion and beauty needs to have an element of questioning and progression. With progression, [eventually] comes an ease, and that’s what keeps the world going.”

While Habana’s jewelry can be hardcore, it can also cross over as evidenced by partnerships with mainstream brands Opening Ceremony, Gypsy Sport and Prabal Gurung. Fans include Rihanna, Madonna, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé.

“New York is getting so conservative,” he said, referring to what he perceives as a right-leaning climate since President Donald Trump was elected. “Things are really regressing.

“All of the regression is affecting a lot of mediums, which is why we teamed up with Cam4,” Habana said. “It’s time for us to express [ourselves]. What’s out there may be uncomfortable for some conservatives.”

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