Jill Fairchild

Jill Fairchild knows what women want. Her accessories line, Fairchild Baldwin. is comprised of exquisite necklaces and bracelets constructed out of top leathers and materials. The designer has tapped into the mind-set of her shopper — necklaces are updated on a monthly basis with fresh beading, styles and effects — speaking to the seasonless business model sprouting everywhere, especially on the runways this fashion month. At UBM Fashion’s Coterie trade show, Fairchild spoke about the line’s design philosophy, the relevance of technology in the fashion industry, and targeting a diversifying consumer landscape.

WWD: How would you describe the brand’s DNA?

Jill Fairchild: The design philosophy speaks to the way the market has been going. We started it two years ago, which is the sort of see-now-buy-now philosophy. Our collections are not for each season — we’re turning it over. Every month we offer something new for our women, whether it’s a new marbleized effect, a new bead, a new style so that we keep our women coming back for more and keep them interested in the brand. They always want to see something new and different.

WWD: You mentioned that you’re producing and offering product on a faster turnaround. How do you feel that technology has affected the fashion industry?

J.F.: Everything has become instant in the marketplace. I think in terms of retailers and our collection, they’re [buyers] are ordering collections and want it shipped now. They don’t want to wait for three months. Everything is for the current season. I think technology is affecting how the buyers are purchasing. There are different programs that I’ve been researching where you see an entire wholesale line sheet. If buyers are exhausted one night, they can sit at home on their laptop, look at all the different brands and actually purchase them wholesale.

Coterie, Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

A look from Fairchild Baldwin.  Courtesy Photo

WWD: As digital programs become more readily available, how does Coterie continue to warrant attending?

J.F.: I want to be at every show because I want to know who my woman is. I want to be best friends with her. I want to know everything about her. I want to know how old she is. I want to know what style she flocks to. I want to know how she feels about color.…It was such a successful show for us. I’m so excited because our booth was packed with people. A lot of our new colors have been just selling like crazy.

WWD: The line is so versatile — how do you market to various types of consumers?

J.F.: I consider our brand sort of a monobrand, where we have just an amazing item. It’s always on these beautiful leather collars and magnets, but we’re always changing it, whether we’re doing a stamp-crop collar or something new. The chains are sort of for a more contemporary, younger customer. We try to cater. Our customer goes from anywhere from a 25-year-old all the way up. We’re going to be doing a big launch of chokers for spring and then a bigger line of bracelets. Our women are collectors. They never just buy one. They always want to have a different color. We have women that have 10, 12 different necklaces. I really believe that we shouldn’t over-think fashion.

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