Silvia Damiani, president of the Damiani Group, unveiled the exhibition “Valenza and the Art of Jewelry: Damiani and the Goldsmith Tradition” on Monday with a presentation at the company’s Milan showroom. Located in Italy’s northern Piedmont region at Villa Scalcabarozzi, a building that dates back to the early 20th century, the exhibition will be open to the public and run from Friday to Aug. 2.

The main floor of the villa is dedicated to the history of Damiani and its goldsmiths, and visitors can see a selection of rare images and pieces collected for the 90th anniversary exhibition “Damiani: 90 Years of Excellence and Passion” last year. There is also one level dedicated to jewelry created by artists ranging from Lucio Fontana and Arnaldo Pomodoro to Salvador Dalí and Giorgio de Chirico.

“For me, this is an occasion to emphasize how important Valenza is,” said Damiani, noting that her grandfather Enrico Grassi Damiani founded the family business there in 1924. “We’ve always remained in Valenza, we’ve been manufacturing in Valenza for 91 years, our laboratory is there, we are completely Made in Italy and Made in Valenza.”

In Milan, she was joined by Valenza mayor Sergio Cassano, Vittorio Sgarbi — an Expo 2015 fine arts representative and curator of the exhibition — and entertainer Dalila Di Lazzaro, who is a patron of the exhibition and of the Pio Alferano e Virginia Ippolito Foundation, a group dedicated to promoting and preserving art.