IMPERIAL BOW: Italian jeweler Damiani has tapped Nicoletta Romanoff, Italian actress and direct descendant of the Russian czar, as its newest spokesperson. On this occasion, Silvia Damiani, president of the Damiani Group, and the new face of the brand unveiled on Thursday two collections linked to Romanoff’s historic family, at the brand’s Milan store in Via Montenapoleone 10.

Named “Bow” and “Orange Flowers,” the lines are directly inspired by the treasure of the Russian imperial family. “The collection has been realized after two years of hard work, based on suggestions, memories and taste of Nicoletta,” said Silvia Damiani.

Taking inspiration from the jewelry worn at European royal courts and during the Russian empire, where the bow is a recurring motif, Damiani created a new bow shape, which is present throughout the collection. The line, comprised of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, is available in white gold with pavé white diamonds and in rose gold, which is accentuated with small diamonds on the edges of the pieces.

The Orange Flowers collection features two diamond tiaras, which are inspired by the flower-covered tiara, worn by Romanoff’s grandmother Sveva della Gherardesca in 1952 in Cannes, on the occasion of her wedding with Nicolas Romanoff. The most important piece of the collection, named Sveva, is a tiara characterized by a delicate alternating floral pattern of white gold buds and flowers with pavé diamonds. The tiaras will also be available in a set with earrings and necklace.

“With these tiaras we had the strong desire to tell the stages of our lives and of the company,” said Damiani. “With these jewels we address not only real princesses, but also to those, who feel like a princess inside.”