MILAN — Two Italian families have teamed up for a new Made in Italy project.

Knitwear firm Cruciani and jewelry company Damiani have created a capsule collection of 3,000 pieces of macramé lace bracelets embellished with a 18-karat pink, white or yellow gold plaque in the shape of a four-leaf clover. A tiny diamond, and another gold plaque placed at the closure of the bracelets show the “Cruciani with Damiani” label.

The bracelets will be available starting today in Cruciani C boutiques in Milan, Verona, Forte dei Marmi, Capri and Taormina in Italy; Madrid; Seoul; Dubai; Palm Beach, Fla., and at selected multibrand stores globally. Retailing at 179 euros, or $243.40 at current exchange, the bracelets, also knitted with four-leaf clovers, are available in a color palette ranging from green and burgundy to powder pink to cerulean. 

Despite a lackluster economy in Italy, Cruciani has been growing briskly and setting a trend here with the launch last year of the first lace bracelets, which in addition to the flowers internationally seen as symbols of good luck, were adorned with hearts or butterflies, for example. The firm has sold more than 8 million units since then and has been opening dedicated boutiques. Parent company Maglital Srl has increased its workforce by 20 percent, adding 100 employees in 18 months. Sales in the first half of 2012, whose fiscal year started on April 1, rose 82.9 percent to 16.4 million euros, or $22.3 million, compared with the same period the year before.

“In the seven months until the end of October, we have reached and surpassed the results that we had expected for the entire fiscal year that goes from April 1 to the end of March 2013 — five months ahead,” said Luca Caprai, Cruciani’s founder and chief executive officer, who had targeted sales of 25 million euros, or $34 million. By the end of March 2013, revenues are now expected to reach 30 million euros, or $40.8 million.

Caprai said he first wanted to “transform the bracelet in a brand,” and that the collection with Damiani is “the synthesis” of what he believes is “the new world of accessories, appealing, accessible, and with an element of novelty.” He praised Damiani for being “brave” in joining forces, as a high-end brand, with “a young label.”

“I was easily committed to this project, the bracelets are a fantastic phenomenon and we liked the idea of delicately making them more precious with our details, and the opportunity to show the union between fashion and jewelry,” said Giorgio Grassi Damiani, vice president of Damiani Group and ceo of Rocca. Asked if he was superstitious, Damiani laughed and said: “Not really, but it can’t hurt, no?” referring to the four-leaf clover.

New boutiques are slated to open in the affluent city of Monza, outside Milan, this weekend, and in Rome and at Malpensa Airport this month. Another unit will be unveiled in Italian ski resort Bormio in December.

A boutique opened in Seoul at the end of October. Coming up next, venues in Beirut, Istanbul and Monte Carlo.