Jolan Le Quertier and Claudia Galeazzi in Dodo's "The Sound of Summer" short movie.

MILAN — Italian jewelry label Dodo has released on its web site a short movie celebrating its summer collection. The clip features six international, young ambassadors related to the world of surf, yoga and illustrations, sporting the brand’s signature charms, which include shell, sun and starfish-shaped options for the season.

Named “The Sound of Summer,” the 150-second movie was directed by Luca Merli, renowned for his “Onde Nostre” [“Our Waves”] lifestyle documentary dedicated to the Italian surfing scene. Shot in Sardinia in April, the Dodo crew is portrayed doing a range of activities such as riding on motorcycles, sailing, surfing or just having fun on the beach, and each of the members is asked to share personal interpretations of the sound of summer theme.

Italian surfing champion Matteo Fabbri pointed to the sound of the surfboard riding the crest of the waves, while French surf enthusiast Jolan Le Quartier said he prefers the silence of the underwater sea. Italian illustrator Yara Constantini chose her art to depict the theme as an illustration “is more representative of me than using just one word,” she said.

The clip also features the contributions of Swedish surfer Max Riton, Cologne-based Viviane Pohl and Italian yoga teacher Claudia Galeazzi.

The collection is available at Dodo stores and on its official e-store. Prices range from 105 euros for the lacquered rose gold starfish-shaped charm, to 150 euros for the shell-shaped option.

Dodo shell and star chain.

Dodo shell and star chain.  Courtesy Photo

Launched in 1994, Dodo is controlled by the Pomellato jewelry group, which was acquired by French luxury conglomerate Kering Group in 2013.



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