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PARIS — Cartier has launched a new campaign in the form of a series of films on various elements of its background, including its links with Russia, with Britain, the role of the panther, its ties with the East and its legendary creative director Jeanne Toussaint.

They will go live on the label’s social media channels today on Twitter and Instagram and on Air France flights.

“It seemed to us to be essential, given our current transformation to show what makes our richness, singularity and uniqueness, in terms of style as well as influence,” said Arnaud Carrez, head of international marketing and communication of Cartier International.

“This is what drove us to produce these films,” he said.

He recalled the brand’s campaign called “The Odyssey of a Style,” launched in 2013, featuring signature collections like Love, Santos and Tank, which he billed as groundbreaking for focusing on the style of the brand, rather than its commercial offer.

“The house has an absolutely unique heritage but is not nostalgic about its past — it’s a house that continues to move forward,” he added.

High-end watch and jewelry brands are struggling to find their footing as consumption swings to digital channels, disrupting the traditional client relationships that were cultivated over years of in-store purchases for special occasions. Adding to the challenge, younger consumers are showing a preference for experiences over accumulating the types of objects that symbolized prestige for past generations.

“These films are the beginning of a long series that is meant to reflect the character of this house that is constantly in movement,” he said.

The films skip around in time, interspersing images of Hollywood stars with historic footage from Russia and the Place Vendôme in Paris.

The house is “in a permanent creative exploration, as you can see with Jeanne Toussaint, the second one is about the British touch—this capacity that the house has always had to be in connection with the external world,” he noted.

“We do not operate in the fashion sphere, because we have permanent objects, but we are always in connection with the world around us, these films are the perfect illustration of this,” Carrez said.

The Compagnie Financière Richemont-owned house in April added a new jewelry pillar, Clash de Cartier, to its collections, after focusing on reviving two watchmaking icons: the Panthère ladies’ watch, in 2017, and the Santos de Cartier men’s timepiece in 2018.

“Like the house, [the campaign films] are nonlinear, that is to say, when you look at the different episodes, they are out of chronological order; it’s a disruption narrative form,” Carrez said. “We did not want to make films that were nostalgic for the past….There is permanent movement back and forth between times,” he noted.

“They are quite educational, but they don’t tell you everything — they’re made to make you want to learn more,” Carrez said.

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