By  on November 13, 2018

Oftentimes advertising in the hard luxury sector plays to the prestige factor­­ — incorporating images of yachts or beautiful people in far off locals. Gemfields, one of the world’s leading suppliers of colored gemstones, is taking a different approach with its integrated global campaign, instead aiming to raise consumer awareness of its responsible sourcing practices in Africa.

“We had a lot of healthy debates about what direction to take,” said Gemfields chief executive officer Sean Gilbertson. “This is a fundamental and riskier departure from the norm, instead of looking at the end of the chain, we are going all the way to the beginning to tell people a little bit more about where their gemstones come from. I think linking that to many of the elements that are fundamental to what Gemfields does will hopefully come to resonate with what consumers are beginning to care about today. In other words, where did my gemstone come from, how was it mined, how was it brought to market and what happens on the ground where the gemstones are extracted?”

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